Auditorium telescopic tribune

Telescopic tribune for the auditorium, folding seats and tables. Tribune is electronically movable.

Seat color and model can be selected according to your wishes. The tribune system is prepared according to the project, adapted from the dimensions and other parameters.

Electrically movable telescopic tribune, locally fitted on a steel frame.

Non-slip veneer or carpet-covered staircase and staircase. (color of the carpet, material selectable) Stairs can be added to the lighting.

Foldable and soft flip-up seats. Color and material optional. You can also add armrests, electrical contacts for charging a laptop or other device at your disposal.

Slipboard in front of the seat, flapped in sections, gas scooters used to make lifting easier.

The color of the side paints and the filler pick (pins, plywood, etc.) can be according to project

The dimensions of the rack, the number of seats, type of seats, number of rows, etc. can be changed and adjusted according to the project

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